NLP HACKATHON (Online Hackathon)

MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) &

IIIT Hyderabad Invite Startups and Individual Innovators

to Realise Their Indian Language Technology Ideas at NLP HACK-2021.

You not only get access to deep research from IIITH Labs (LTRC)

but also opportunity to co-create your solutions with top researchers in NLP

Dates: 2nd, 3rd April 2021


We Kick Start In

  • days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds

You Can Win

A Grant of Rs 150,000/-
Co-Creation Workshop with IIIT H
One Month IIITH Faculty Guidance
Free Pre-Incubation

Topics & Domains

#Sub Titling
#Government Services

Note: These are indicative, you're allowed to pick topics and domains in which you can bring solutions.

Rules & Regulations

1. The event is open to startups & individual innovators (intending to create startup).

2. A maximum of 5 people can be part of team

3. The idea must have an "Indian language" translation component.

4. The team shortlisted for Hackathon should participate in pre Hackathon workshop

5. The winning teams must attend the idea shaping workshop to claim the prize (post hackathon)

6. The teams must pitch the idea at pre-hackathon workshop

7. The teams must demo the working prototype to the panel for final evaluation.

8. The team shall take responsibility for any IP violation

9. The team shall be competent to understand NLP technologies and implement solutions using the APIs provided by IIITH.

10. The team shall get their own computers/laptops and host the solutions at their own cost.

11. IIITH shall provide the access to the Language technology APIs and the orientation to the teams. No other computing resources will be provided except for the ones needed to run IIITH tech engines somoothly.

12. Teams can leverage APIs of other providers like Google, Amazon , Microsoft at their own cost